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Trayvion Parrot Aviary is not a parrot mill breeders! Remember, a parrot will live between 15-80 years depending on the species, so when buying your pet consider its health and the care taken in raising it. Our aviary is unlike 99% of the breeders you will encounter. It’s a closed aviary using multiple HEPA and carbon filters. Our full spectrum lighting is computer controlled and mimics the tropics sunrise and sunsets. Having a closed indoor aviary limits contact our birds can encounter with insects that outdoor aviaries will encounter. This also further reduces blood borne pathogens transmitted by outdoor parasites (mosquitoes, etc). How do you know a mill bred parrot? Many are not uncommon for an outdoor breeder to have as many as 500 pairs of birds that are sold. Make sure your new life-long pet is a healthy strong pet. We feed ZuPreem avian breeder pellets (added calcium), fresh fruit, vegetables, Higgins, and ABBA seed; all top end foods. These foods are staggered and provided in stages throughout the day so our parent birds eat the most nutritious foods first followed by what we consider treats. This nutrition supports strong and healthy offspring which is lacking with mill breeders. Our birds also have grit for added nutrition and digestion assist. Most importantly, our aviary is broken down and cleaned twice a week. Our closed aviary has at least 2 pairs of each species of bird. We breed our own stock by choosing the biggest, hardiest, and most colorful as our hold-backs. It also reduces the chances of disease being introduced into our flock to zero. We have an unprecedented one week guarantee on all of our birds compared with the standard three day. You are not required to run out to get your pet vet checked with an unrealistic timeline. All our birds are extraordinarily friendly, sociable and affectionate pets. Please visit our shop page for pictures, prices, order and information on all our available babies. Call or email us anytime if you have any questions.

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